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Honor Roll

Following is a list (updated to the best of our knowledge) of those friends and comrades who were lost during the war and those who have been lost since then. The names listed are based on personal knowledge of those lost from VMB 443. Also included names from listings found in individual squadron newsletters. There are many, especially those from the operating squadrons, that do not appear on this list. However, it is comforting to know that anyone missing from this list will be acknowledged on their own squadron's honor rolls.
Those Lost During World War II

Otto J. Bergman
Eugene N. Costly
Melvin Colclasure
Marvin H. Joss
William O. Kinkaid
Roy B. Mason
James H. Mons
Harold S. Pollock
Clarence H. Post
Peter R. Scorson
August L.Stark
Roy L.Wilson

Dominic F. Bellanca (443)
John L. Braden (443)
Arthur Browning, Jr. (443)
Frank Crummer Jr. (443)
John E. Decker (443)
Jay B. Fitzpatrick, Jr. (443)
Arthur P. Going (443)
Gerald N.Griffin (443)
Robert J. Heger (443)
Ralph E. Holland, Jr. (443)
John H. Hopkins (443)

Paul N.Kezerian (443)
Benjamin G. Kinnick (443)
Henry A. Maasen, Jr. (443)
Clifford L. McClinton (443)
Edward P. McCray (443)
Jack D. Moss (443)
John M. O’Hara (443)
Edmond S. Santomasso (443)
Charles R. Shuler, Jr.(443)
Robert H. Tarbell (443)
A. C. Thielen (443)